Walking myself slim

This year I am going to lose 3 stones. Or 42lbs. Or 19 kilos. Whichever. I’m not going ‘to aim’ to lose 3 stones, or ‘hope to lose’ 3 stones, I am going to lose 3 stones.

Like many people my age (56) I’ve tried approximately 3 million different diets. In my younger days I tried eating only fruit (I lasted an hour), or only cabbage soup (an impressive 3 days) and I have worked my way through low calorie, low fat, low carb, Slimming World, 5:2, cutting out wheat and sugar. In other words I’ve tried everything. And guess what? I’m fatter than ever!

This is not the fault of any one diet – they all work if you stick to them. My problem is I like food too much. I don’t like crap food. I’ve never liked fizzy drinks – diet or full-fat – have never had a sweet tooth, don’t particularly like crisps and definitely don’t like processed food. I like cooking and I like cooking good, healthy food. Protein and veg, salads, yummy stuff. I also like bread, particularly sourdough bread and this is probably my main downfall. I also eat far too much food.

So what’s a (fat) girl to do? Just give up and meander into old age and type 2 diabetes with a resigned shrug of the shoulder? I don’t know, I have no answers.

In attempt to find the answers I wondered if walking – lots – could be the answer. I like walking, I’m quite happy walking along with my own thoughts. I tend to go for a walk when I think about it, when the weather’s nice, when I’ve been feeling cooped up. But what about if I made walking my weapon of choice? Would it work? Can it work?

I started googling ‘blogs about people who have walked themselves slim’. I wanted to see startling results! Confirmation that my idea is indeed the way forward! But… nothing. If there are blogs out there I couldn’t find them and I am a demon googler.

So, on my walk today, I decided that if there were no blogs about walking yourself slim then I would start one. Will it work? Just walking lots? I don’t know. But I aim to find out and this blog will be my record.


2 thoughts on “Walking myself slim

  1. wandaintn January 31, 2017 / 5:22 am

    Finally.. I’m here. My blog is similar to what you were googling. I am 58 and have been walking every day since Jan. 1, towards a goal to better my health and walk 1000 miles in 2017. As of today I have walked 111 miles.

    I may or may not lose as much weight as I need to(12lbs.) because I have a hypothyroid problem that has ruined my metabolism and stalled my weight at 172lbs., making it very difficult for me to lose, but very easy to gain!

    I do know from past experience that walking everyday will help you lose weight. I lost 31 lbs. in just under 8 months by walking every day after my last meal of the day. (5pm was my cut off time) I walked any where from 2-6 miles every evening. Didn’t change my eating habits, just quit eating anything after 5pm and WALKED.

    Of course that was before a thyroidectomy and menopause! I am now forced to walk every day just to maintain my 172lbs. and if I am lucky lose a half lb. a month! Good luck and please walk, it will work!



    • Caitlin January 31, 2017 / 8:23 pm

      Hi Wanda – great to hear from you and well done re your weight loss! You are very inspiring. I love walking so I really am hoping this will work for me, having tried just about everything else. I haven’t had a thyroidectomy but I do have an underachieve thyroid and that’s bad enough for trying to lose weight! And as you say, add in the menopause as well… I will take a look at your blog.


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