Slightly less bulbous?



Now that I’ve got over the blister stage my body has decided to inconvenience me in another area: my hips. My 56 year old hips are protesting vigorously at my prancing about up hill and down dale as if I were a yearling, and they are giving me gyp. So today, before I started my walk, I took a couple of ibuprofen. And it made a big difference.

Having enjoyed yesterday’s walk so much, and with the weather still so glorious, I decided to do the same walk again, but this time not go wrong and end up walking an extra mile. To my great delight this new route took in some excellent Cornish stiles. I have a thing for stiles. The old granite ones are things of great beauty. They are all slightly different and many are hidden away, and it is only if you are a map reader par excellence like me (ahem) that you know, you just know, that there has to be a stile under all that bramble, behind those shrubs, in amongst that rusting farmyard detritus. My determination to find a hidden stile invariably pays off and it gives me a little frisson of pleasure far in excess of what it should do.

As I was setting out today I noticed something. Or thought I noticed something. Was it my imagination or was my hoody ever so slightly looser? Or rather slightly less tight? ‘Loose’ is not a word generally ascribed to descriptions of my clothing. Or had it just given up all hope against the might of my enormous mammaries and stretched even more? I’m going to go with the thought that maybe my boobs have actually shrunk an infinitesimal amount. This is very pleasing.

Less pleasing was being accompanied on part of my walk by a woman and her dog. I’m sure she was very nice and her dog was lovely but dear God, why would she think I want company? One of the things I love about walking is being alone with my thoughts. I don’t want to make small talk. Harrumph. I must try and perfect my ‘I-hate-people’ expression. I did meet some lovely donkeys though. When I came across them they make a heck of a noise eeyore-ing all over the place. I think they hoped I had a carrot tucked about my person. Must remember to fill my rucksack with donkey dreamies if I do the same route again.

I walked 4.19 miles today and expended 472 calories. This is good as tonight we are going out for my daughter’s birthday and much wine and steak will be consumed.

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