Legs like lead


Most of the time I absolutely love my walks. But some days – and the last few days have been like this – my legs have felt like lead. Every step, especially uphill, is a struggle. If it was all the time then I could put it down to the massive sack of potatoes I’m carrying around my middle or just general unfitness but it isn’t. I can only assume it’s my pesky hormones.

The other thing that’s starting to get on my nerves slightly is that every time I go for a walk, no matter that I’ve just had a wee before I left, I always, always want to go when I’m out. It’s a bloody pain in the backside quite frankly. (No pun intended). I become more and more aware of the need to go, until it takes over everything and I stop enjoying the walk and start becoming terrified that I will just go. Right there.

So! Not to be deterred I have bought, courtesy of Amazon, a present for myself. A She-wee!  According to all the reviews (mostly glowing) I have to practise peeing into this thing in the shower first to get the hang of it. Oh the joy.

Yesterday I had to pick up my car from the menders the other side of Truro and as we had tickets for Ghost at the Hall for Cornwall there was little point in coming home in between time. So we had supper at Pizza Express in Truro. With my halo shining I ordered their Legera superfood salad and it was bloody gorgeous. And for less than 600 calories! It took a satisfyingly long time to eat as well. I did have wine with it though. Well there are limits to my saintliness.

Well this morning I was rewarded by a 2.4lb weight loss this week, making a grand total of 8.5lbs. Hooray! God knows what next week’s weigh in will be like though. I am cooking for 17 people on Friday (mother-in-law’s birthday) and then going to a chippy the next day for my father’s birthday (his choice). I am half thinking of taking a salad with me and just ordering a piece of chicken. Can I do that? Will they notice? Is it a tad rude or am I just sensibly putting my health needs above propriety?

Today’s walk was around Argal Lake. The colours of the lake against the green moss on the trees and rocks are spell-binding. There are a thousand shades of greens and browns. Quite beautiful.



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