Desperately seeking walking weather and a dry coastal path

I have lost a paltry 0.2kg this week. Wah! I’ve eaten nothing after 7pm, barely a carb has passed my lips, I have had no meals out, I have barely had any wine. However… I haven’t done as much walking as in previous weeks. The weather has been too crap.

And I’m blaming my thyroid. It is underactive but treated – sort of – with 100mg levothyroxine. However having done a bit of research I am thinking I could do with a bit of T3 hormone thrown in as well. Unfortunately the NHS doesn’t stretch to issuing T3, even if people need it, and it is all kept a little bit hush hush.

So I can either go to a private endocrinologist or try to find a supply online, which is what many people do. I would be very, very sensible. I would take an absolute minimum dose for a month to see how I get on. If I feel worse then I don’t continue, and if I feel better well then I’d have to make a decision. I’d also have to tell my GP otherwise when I come to have my TSH levels assessed she’d wonder why they are so much lower and would then lower my levothyroxine, which is obviously not what I want.

My search for online liothyronine (T3) has led me to all sorts of dubious websites. I have entered the world of anabolic steroids it would appear and the language in the forums is not a language I understand. Easy enough to order T3 but you have to pay by bank transfer or Western Union. All seems very dodgy so now I’ve been put off the whole idea, which is probably no bad thing.

I will just have to up my walking considerably, if I want to get back to losing a kilogram a week, though I suspect those days are probably long gone.

One thought on “Desperately seeking walking weather and a dry coastal path

  1. wandaintn February 10, 2017 / 2:08 am

    Where is your TSH numbers on the reference range?

    My endocrinologist added 10mcg. of T3 to my 100 mcg. of Synthroid to ‘spark my metabolism’ as he put it, and I ended up gaining more weight and was getting bad headaches. He took me off the T3 and upped my synthroid to 112mcg. and I have lost the weight I gained while taking the T3, but will gain it back if I don’t exercise (walk).

    If you’re TSH is on the high end of the reference range you might benefit more by increasing the levothyroxine to 112 mcg.


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