I suppose a loss is a loss

…Even if it’s only 0.4 of a kilo. Huh. I was honestly expecting a little more encouragement from the scales than that! Maybe the wine has started to creep in a bit… I have now lost nearly 19lbs which actually is pretty good now I think about it. I’ve just googled what this amount of fat looks like and 20lbs looks like this.


Ugh! It’s good to know that is gone from my lardy middle. Plenty more where that came from though, unfortunately.

Yesterday I had..

Br: muesli mix

Lunch: crunchy salad with chorizo, bacon, french dressing.

Supper: pork steak in lemon and rosemary, salad, french dressing.


I walked very hastily around Pendennis Head yesterday as my son was cooking and I was running late. I cut through Princess Pavilions to get home a bit quicker and the daffodils and the blue sea lifted my spirits and I didn’t care anymore that I’d ‘only’ lost 0.4kg this week. I live in a fantastic place, my son was cooking tea (and I never ever take his health and ability to do that for granted) AND we’d just booked a holiday to Vietnam for the autumn. Another reason to be slimmer and I seriously hope my partner loses some weight beforehand because otherwise it’ll be a bit of a squash sitting next to him on the plane. And it’s a loooooong flight.


Food diary

This is what I’ve eaten recently. The days are complete in themselves but I haven’t written down every day as that would be a bit boring. Three meals a day and no snacks. No messing!

20 Feb 2017

Br: muesli mix (this consists of a tablespoon or thereabouts of Dorset Cereals nutty muesli, about 10 Bran Flakes, coconut flakes, seeds, dried cranberries, chopped walnuts and hazelnuts (about 5 of each). I have about half a teaspoon of sugar and some skimmed milk. It fills me up till lunchtime.

Lunch: steak with mushrooms, tomatoes and peas.

Supper: cod in parma ham, creamy pepper sauce, roast veg.



23 Feb 2017

Br: 2 poached eggs on one slice rye bread and a little bit of butter.

Lunch: Parmesan crusted chicken and salad

Supper: Chicken with chickpeas, feta, red peppers, courgettes and cabbage.

28 Feb 2017

Br: 2 poached eggs on rye toast

Lunch: Marks & Spencer ‘Balanced for you’ Harissa chicken and couscous salad

Supper: Red Thai curry (homemade) and cauliflied rice.


3 March 2017

Br: Muesli mix

Lunch: Chicken cakes, salad, feta, pomegranate seeds

Supper: Asian beef stir fry


5 March 2017

Br: 2 poached eggs on rye

Lunch: salad leaves with halloumi and chorizo, tomatoes, onions, parmesan, dressing.

Supper: 3 sausages, baked beans, chips cooked in fry light, roast tomatoes.


10 March 2017

Br: muesli mix

Lunch: beef and bean stew

Supper: roast pork, apple sauce, veg, gravy, glass of wine.



Still edging downwards…

I have now lost the grand total of 8.2kg, which is about 18lbs. Go me! It has slowed down a lot but I am still losing a fairly steady pound a week, which is utterly fantastic as far as I’m concerned, mostly because I seem to have hit upon a diet that is completely sustainable. In that I don’t feel deprived (Ok, I do sometimes, but not often), I really, really enjoy my food and I don’t get that hungry.

It is good, healthy food so hopefully my gut bacteria are changing slightly too, and the ones that promote weight loss are becoming more prevalent than the ‘weight gain’ ones. I can whole-heartedly recommend a book called ‘Gut’ by Giulia Enders. It sounds a bit dull I know but it is anything but. I couldn’t put it down. It is endlessly fascinating and I was more riveted by it than many a novel I have read over the years.

I’ve been keeping a diary of what I eat, so that I can look back on any given week and collate it to how much weight I lost – or gained – that week. I’ve been recording it on an app, which I now discover deletes all entries over a month old. Wah! So I’m going to start recording them here too.

The walking is going great. I hate it when I can’t go for my 3 mile walk now. I am sleeping better, it never fails to uplift me and it must be helping the weight loss too. It is a no brainer. Now and again I think to myself I ‘should’ be doing a spinning class or breaking into a jog but then I think no! If I start feeling pressure to do more I will feel depressed if (when) I fail so I’m sticking with the walking.