A little hiatus

I have just been on a lovely holiday to Tavira, Portugal. We stayed in a fantastic, but cheap, hotel and ate lots and lots of gorgeous food. And wine. A LOT of wine. Prawns seemed to figure a lot too.

Came home, weighed myself and I’ve put on over 4lbs. Wah! I did enjoy every ounce though. The problem is I’m away again in six weeks’ time. (It’s that time of year). And there will be more eating of food and drinking of wine. Probably not so many prawns though.

As of today I am 85.0kgs. Which means I have crept back into obese territory. Sob. Last night my brother came round with his family and also my mother and we had an Indian take-away.  I had determined to be good but somehow the best part of a peshwari nan and a few onion bhajis slipped down my throat along with the champagne my brother had brought with him. Not good. I really need to buckle down now.

One thing I have missed the past ten days has been my walk round Pendennis Head. I miss it hugely. Today I will actually have time and I can’t wait. The sun is shining and Falmouth is looking gorgeous.

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