Swimming not walking

The weather has been so utterly glorious this past week or so that I have swum in the sea more than I’ve walked. It is bliss. The water temperature is apparently only 15 degrees but it feels warmer than that. I have never seen Gylly Beach so packed with people actually in the sea as I have this week. There is normally a stiff Cornish breeze deterring people, if not actual rain and less than clement temperatures. It is amazing how quickly people get used to being able to get home from school or work and head straight down to the beach. Alas, I think this heatwave is expected to end tomorrow.

Dietwise I have been on a holiday since I last posted (Lindos in Rhodes) and I’ve been to a festival. I have eaten whatever I’ve fancied for the duration. Both times I have got straight back to my normal food regime once I got home. It is interesting to see how much weight I put on on holiday, eating carbs etc, and how quickly it comes off afterwards.

I put on about 2 kilos in Lindos, which is roughly the same as the amount I put on after a week in Portugal. So that’s not actually too bad I don’t think! It takes about a week to 10 days to lose it. Again, not actually that bad I don’t think, and it goes to show I can have a week eating bread etc now and again and it won’t have a lasting effect so long as I immediately get back to my normal routine.

Something I’ve bought recently which has had an impact is a blood glucose monitor. About £10 from Amazon and I wish I’d bought one years ago. To my horror I have confirmed that I am pre-diabetic. My fasting glucose is 6.5 mmol/l. It is one thing to suspect it it is another thing to know.

So. This has galvanised me even more. I do not want to become a full blown type 2 diabetic. No wonder I am fat – I have far too much insulin swilling round my body all the time. The only way I am going to solve my weight problem permanently is to sort my pancreas out. The only way I can do that is to give it a bit of a rest. Which means seriously few carbs for a time. I am now exploring the murky world of low carb bread etc. By the way I can thoroughly recommend Jason Fung’s ‘The Obesity Code’. It is brilliant and utterly fascinating.

Today is my weigh day and I am now 80.4 kilos. Yay!! I am so pleased. So I have now lost 30lbs. I look at photos from Lindos, when I was about 25lbs lighter than I was in January and I look enormous. I am only now realising how awful I must have looked at 94 kilos. I would love to say ‘never again’ but I feel that is tempting fate so I won’t. But… I do feel something has, at least for now, switched in my head. I just don’t want to be huge any more.

Yesterday’s meals:

Br: 2 fried eggs

Lunch: humungous salad with halloumi, cranberry sauce and french dressing.

Supper: Tom Kerridge’s porky bolognese with courgetti (delicious)

9pm: a few strawberries

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