Still (slightly) on a downward curve



I’ve had a bit of a summer off, as in diet wise. I’ve still been walking, still been eating humungous salads at lunchtime but there have been the inevitable meals out, days on the beach, ripening figs (still full of sugar despite sounding healthy) and time away from home. So actually, when I think about it, the girl done good, considering.

I’m a couple of kilos down on what I was at the end of June. In total now I have lost 16 kilos, or 35 lbs in old money. Hooray! I am noticeably slimmer and I feel miles better. The more I lose however the more I realise I need to lose. Ideally I would like to lose another 10 kilos, which at this rate will take me another 10 months. That’s ok!

I am still walking, though some days now I go to an exercise class instead. Clubbercise is my new passion. I even – whisper – did Day One of C25K, but I didn’t get any further. The problem is not that I can’t do it, it’s more that I need the crack of a whip from a fitness instructor and/or the motivation of loving what I’m doing. I love walking, I can’t say I love running. But I will try again. My daughter is wanting me to try spinning with her. Not tempted, but I suppose I could give it a try.

In the last two months I’ve been to El Cortijo Romero in Spain, which is a kind of alternative retreat type place. The course I did was ‘Finding the joy within’. I didn’t find a lot of joy because the course itself was rubbish but I did love the place itself and made some lovely friends. I’ve also been to Port Eliot Festival which is an annual fixture in my diary and probably my favourite weekend of the whole year. The setting is just gorgeous and there are so many people to listen to, things to do, delicious food to eat. This year unfortunately it rained incessantly so I didn’t enjoy it nearly so much as usual but that won’t stop me buying a ticket for next year.

I have had the most stressful August however, due in no small part to a Mr Fuckface (possibly not his real name) who has done his best to make my life a misery. I let out a holiday cottage and mostly because of the incessant rain this summer (I suspect) he did not enjoy his holiday. The cottage wasn’t ‘fit for purpose’, was ‘filthy’, wants his money back blah, blah, blah. Oh and apparently it was too noisy to even think! The fact that other reviews have said how tranquil it is and that everyone else has been perfectly happy with their stay doesn’t seem to bother him. I have been threatened with credit card chargebacks, lawyers, Trade Description Act, etc, etc. The man hasn’t a leg to stand on but it’s still stressful.

The second stress factor I’ve been dealing with is my son, who has been put on a new regime of antibiotics. Now if you’re about to put someone who is already thin and ill on 3 new very strong antibiotics wouldn’t you phase them in? Try one first, then after a couple of weeks if no adverse reaction introduce another one? No. It appears that would be far too sensible.

One of the antibiotics is licensed to only treat leprosy (my son does not have leprosy…) and is known for causing skin discolouration and a lack of appetite, amongst many other things. My son has lost his appetite, massively. He looks like a cadaver. I literally cannot bear to look at him.

So that is my summer. Lovely stuff and not so lovely stuff. But I have still lost 2 kilos!

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