Doing it properly actually does work

As I spent most of September at the same weight, despite sticking to low carb (mostly), I decided to do a bit of analysis. I have been quite anal about this weight loss project and I have Google Drive spreadsheets for all sorts: my daily weight, my once a week ‘official’ weigh in, my daily diary of what I’m eating. It means I can access these spreadsheets on all my devices. God that makes me sound boring.

But weight loss is rather boring and the way that works for me is to treat it like a scientific experiment (I took much the same approach when I at last managed to give up smoking). Record, record, record seems to be my motto, and then I am accountable. I also like being able to look back on what I was eating when and the rate of weight loss. It is a jolly useful tool.

So I looked back on September and yes, while I was sticking to my more or less usual low carb diet what did happen was that I noticeably relaxed more at weekends. Roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, regular puddings, more wine…. all eaten under the guise of it ‘being the weekend’. I was making a lot of cakes for my son at this time too, in an attempt to get some weight on him, and that would inevitably involve licking the bowl out and trying a piece of the finished cake if it was a new recipe. This all resulted in a rather static weight line on my graph from the beginning to end of September.

Since Portugal at the beginning of October I’ve been as good as gold. Ish. I’ve cut out the HP sauce with my morning eggs (high sugar), I’ve cut out cranberry sauce with my halloumi salad (this has been quite difficult, I love the salty sweet combo), and I’ve had no Yorkshire puddings at the weekend. Wah! But – it has made a huge difference. The numbers on the scales are dropping again. So now I know. A properly stuck to ketogenic diet does burn fat even in post-menopausal women like me.

News from the hospital: my son is still in and now waiting for a gastrostomy tube to be fitted so that he can hopefully gain some weight. Oh the irony. Every time I see him he looks like he might break at any moment, he is that thin. It all seemed to happen so quickly in the end, going from worryingly thin to dangerously thin within two or three weeks. There is no absolute guarantee that overnight feeding him will work. It doesn’t with some people. If that’s the case the future doesn’t bear thinking about. But it WILL work. It will, it will, it will.

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