One of the ways in which I keep myself motivated is to have loads of mini targets. This is where the geeky part of me kicks in – I do love to do a bit of maths. So I have entered a few things on a google drive spreadsheet and I will tick them off as I (hopefully) reach them.

For example I have targets of ‘5% bodyweight lost’, ‘into the 13’s’ (that’s stones…), ‘into BMI overweight category’, ‘2 stone lost’, etc, etc. It means I’m never that far away from a particular target. I have ticked off four targets so far and the next one I’m aiming for is ‘13.5 stone’. This is a significant target because I specifically remember, about 10 years ago, going to Slimming World feeling MASSIVE and this is what I weighed. I was horrified at how fat I’d become. Well, here we are, several years on and I’m aiming for that weight and will be well chuffed when I get there.

It is quite horrible how the weight creeps on, and when you’re as scales-phobic as me, and you love food and eating out, it’s so easily done. I convince myself that as I don’t eat junk that I’m eating healthily, whereas the truth is cheese, bread and wine still have calories in them and I consume (used to consume) far too much of them.

I had a fabulous walk round Loe Pool with my friend Eve this morning. The sky was glowering but the rain managed to hold off. We passed fields of golden daffodils, a hint belied by the weather that Spring is on its way.  I am starting to wonder what I did before I made walking such a priority. How did I keep myself sane? Although I have always been a walker I have never been disciplined about it and would often go days without walking much. Doing it every day has made so much difference to my mood, sleeping, fitness. I am a complete convert.

Yesterday for breakfast I had 2 poached eggs on rye toast, chicken with chickpeas, feta and red peppers etc for lunch (leftovers from the night before, a BBC Good Food recipe), and for dinner I had steak and tomatoes with parmesan, peas and garlic mushrooms. No wine. God. It was Saturday night too. I will treat myself tonight I think.

I lost another couple of lbs this week making it 16.5lbs in total, so far. Only another thousand to go.

Triple whammy


As I was walking alongside Loe Pool yesterday with my friend Eve, I was pondering when and how I got so fat. And it struck me that most of the fat has piled on in the last 8 years or so and frankly I didn’t stand a chance, given what I was up against.

I gave up smoking almost exactly 9 years ago. That was the start. I then met my partner Ian, who likes food even more than I do (I didn’t think that was possible, but it turns out it is) so we have spent much of the past 8 years eating delicious food. I then segued quietly into the menopause and at the same time my thyroid decided to stop working properly. That’s actually four good reasons now I think about it. So I have gone from being a reasonably attractive 4o-something year old to a saggy, flabby 50-something year old with pneumatic breasts. Tis a cruel fate that awaits us women.

However! My friend Eve has lost a stone and a half in the past few months. She is my inspiration. Because she is my age, she has also been overweight for much of her life, and she too loves her food. If Eve can do it surely I can do it?

So we meandered happily beside Loe Pool and nattered away, neither of us pausing for breath much except to debate whether or not to defy a farmer’s attempts to keep us out of his field. Eve likes footpaths and doesn’t much like the possibility of being chased by a bull and I see an attempt to keep walkers out as a challenge. I won. The photo above is of Eve climbing over the gate at the top of the illicit path.

We walked 3.75 miles, according to the app Walkmeter, much of it laughing at life and ourselves, and it was all quite lovely.